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The Organization Conduct Board (OCB)

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Organization Conduct Board

The Organization Conduct Board (OCB) is a pool of students, faculty and staff that have been trained by the Office of Community Standards (OCS) to conduct hearings regarding incidents of alleged policy violations by any recognized student organization including voluntary student organizations, fraternities, or sororities (“RSO”). The specific panels drawn from the OCB conduct hearings, determine facts, and make recommendations to the associate vice provost and dean of students with respect to possible administrative actions to be taken.

The Fundamental Standard has set the standard of conduct for individual students at Stanford since 1896 and embodies the values and definition of good University citizenship. By extension, these guiding principles of acceptable behavior and civility are applicable to every RSO. In addition, the University policies that have grown out of the original Fundamental Standard apply not only to individuals, but also to RSOs and their members in the spirit of collective responsibility. The OCB process is intended to be educational and administrative in nature. Each panel will identify behavioral problems and issues in the case before it, thereby reinforcing institutional expectations, and will provide advice and guidance to help the RSO self- correct behavioral problems.