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Help Keep Our Campus Safe

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Your Role as a Campus Security Authority

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Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) have a duty to report certain crimes and prohibited sexual conduct. If emergency assistance is needed, call 911 immediately. If no one is in danger:

1. For prohibited sexual conduct, CSAs must promptly report to the Title IX Coordinator


2. For violent crimes, sexual assault, and hate crimes, CSAs must call Public Safety as soon as possible, to provide notification to the campus Clery officer (call 911 and request to make a Clery report). All other Clery crimes can be reported via the web form. Naming the involved parties is not required for Clery.

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Your Reporting Requirements

You are required to report when you receive information regarding a crime and/or prohibited sexual conduct in your capacity as a Resident Fellow, Residential Education professional, or undergraduate /graduate residential student staff member:

  1. in your house, pertaining to any student;
  2. pertaining to your residents, anywhere;
  3. anytime you’re receiving information as Resident Fellow, Residential Education professional, or residential student staff member, including with students who are not your residents.

Undergraduate and graduate residential student staff (RAs, ETAs, GRAs, GFs, CAs): 

  1. You are NOT required to report prohibited sexual conduct when you receive information from a friend (who is not your resident) as a friend, or otherwise unrelated to your staff role.
  2. When reporting crimes and prohibited sexual conduct, you must also notify your Residential Education or Graduate Life Office supervisor of the incident so they can provide support to the relevant student staff team, impacted students, and community. 
    • Graduate Students
      • CAs: Page the GLO Dean on call at 650.723.8222, Pager ID: 25085
    • Undergraduate Students
      • RAs, ETAs, GRAs, GFs: contact the Resident Director on call at 650.504.8022
Neighborhood colors gradient. Credit: Sean Mckibbon-Ray

If in doubt, err on the side of reporting or calling to consult!

Neighborhood colors gradient. Credit: Sean Mckibbon-Ray

Best Practices for Supporting Your Residents

  • Disclose your reporting responsibilities early and often – early in the academic year, and early in the conversation – to give the student agency in choosing how they move forward.
  • If they would prefer to speak to a confidential resource, refer them to the Confidential Support Team and the YWCA@Stanford. (Note: For students accused of having caused harm, both CST and CAPS are also available.)
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SHARE Title IX Office

Submit a Report

There are many ways to make a report to the SHARE Title IX Office, including using the link below. Submitting a report via the link below is not the same as submitting a Formal Complaint as required by the Title IX Procedure, but it will allow the SHARE Response Team to reach out to the Complainant with resources and support.

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CSA Reporting Form

This form is intended to assist a CSA in gathering  and reporting information about the location and nature of the incident or crime, and when it occurred, in compliance with the Clery Act and California Education Code. Call 9-1-1 immediately if you are concerned for the safety of anyone involved or other members of the community.

Residential Staff Notification Requirements for Crimes & Incidents
Clery Act, CalEd, and Title IX

Residential Staff Notification Requirements for Crimes & Incidents

Access an infographic outlining emergency and non-emergency response.