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James W. Lyons pattern-style portrait, 2024. Image credit: Chuck Painter Background credit: Marje / iStock

James W. Lyons Award

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The James W. Lyons Award for Service was established in 1981 and named in honor of the late Jim Lyons who served as Stanford's dean of student affairs from 1972-1990. This annual award recognizes and honors current students of the Stanford community for their exceptional service and contributions made through a variety of departments, teams, clubs, residences and community projects on and off-campus.

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line
Admit Weekend, 2024. Credit: Andrew Brodhead


The award highlights contributions that are above and beyond conventional levels of dedication, in areas or situations of extraordinary need, and that result in substantial, positive change.

2023-24 James W. Lyons Award for Service. Credit: Thomas Yim/Ethography

Eight Students Receive the 2023-24 James W. Lyons Award for Service

The annual honor goes to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to service to and on behalf of Stanford University. This year’s recipients of the James W. Lyons Award for Service were honored by the Division of Student Affairs at a dinner event held May 30 at Tresidder Memorial Union.4 James W. Lyons Award for Service

Past Awardees

2023 Awardees

Juan Carlos Kyle Becerra Jr., Camilo Andrew Espinosa Bernal, Arnob Das, Patrick Andrew Fields, Jamie M. Fine, Glen Husman, Emma Kaeli, Sasankh Munukutla, Aditya Narayan, Emily Geigh Nichols, Tina Wong, Marianna Yunjia Zhang

2022 Awardees

Teiana Gonsalves, Norris Johnson, Caelin Marum, Keoni Rodriguez, Melody Yang, Danielle Greene, CoCo Massengale, Skylar Baker, Brooke Forde, Joel Johnson, Nirvikalpa Natarajan, Emily Schell

2020 & 2021 Awardees

Kiara Bacasen, Kylee Beck, Marilyn Frank, Jade Goodwill, Ana Cabrera, Bella Cooper, Tamara Morris, Amy Fan, Celine Foster, Antonia Hellman, Ayinwi Muma, Adam Nayak David Pantera, Jordan Smart

2019 Awardees

Tami Alade, Walker Brown, Courtney Cooperman, Dulcie Head, Shanta Katipamula, Will Paisley, Cat Sanchez, Grayson Throckmorton

2018 Awardees

Tina Cheuk, Pau Guinart, Katie Hufker, Zina Jawadi, Jasmine Mueller-Hsia, Harrison Phillips, Carson Olivia James Smith, Tesay Yusef

2017 Awardees

Andrew Barakat, Sophie Clark, Mark Moeremans, Joey Nelson, Princess Umodu, Johnny Xu, Lily Zheng

2016 Awardees

Gabriel Badica, Sarah A. Sadlier, Kunal Sangani, Lauren E. Wedekind

2015 Awardees

Adam Louis Horowitz, Gabriella Momah, Christina Alberto Leal, Julie Y. Huang, William Jacques Fowler, Brian H. Cheung, Alfred Wayne Delena, Jessie Duan

Graduate Student Resource Fair, 2024. Credit: Nikolas Liepins/Ethography