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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Glen Husman

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James W. Lyons Award for Service, Citation

For your extraordinary leadership as the student co-chair for the Board of Judicial Affairs, where you consistently led with incredible thoughtfulness and a nuanced ability to build consensus;

For your extensive work with the Committee of 12 (C-12) in which you worked with multiple stakeholders to markedly improve the wording of the Honor Code while ensuring that the interests and well-being of all students and stakeholders are protected in the new Judicial Charter and conduct processes;

For your leadership and tireless work to ensure more equitable outcomes for the conduct process which will bring meaningful change to both current and future students and the entire Stanford community for years to come;

For your dedication to including a wide variety of student voices from across campus through the vitally important task of serving as a liaison between the C-12, the Board of Judicial Affairs (BJA) and the Undergraduate Senate (UG);

Glen Husman is warmly thanked for exceptional service to and on behalf of Stanford University.

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