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Jamie M. Fine

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James W. Lyons Award for Service, Citation

For your tireless efforts to engage student voices through countless meetings, surveys, office hours, and Q&A sessions for the re-evaluation of the Honor Code, Fundamental Standard, and Judicial Charter as the student co-chair for the Committee of 12 (C-12);

For your innovative, energetic, and dependable leadership while re-envisioning the Honor Code in your work with the C-12, and bridging perspectives through the suggestion of a multi-year study of equitable proctoring practices;

For the massive investment of time, thoughtfulness, infinite energy, attention to detail, and reliability you brought to so many facets of the C-12’s work;

For your commitment to serving the student body, demonstrated through your work on the Committee of 12 (C-12) and previous work on the Board on Judicial Affairs (BJA), which will undoubtedly benefit the Stanford community for years to come;

Jamie M. Fine is warmly thanked for exceptional service to and on behalf of Stanford University.


  • Presented on May 25, 2023 by Mona Hicks, Senior Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Students